Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hello there, friend,

On the drive to my pottery class yesterday, I listened to a podcast talking about pain, more specifically sitting with our pain and being okay feeling it. The thing is, pain is a part of our human experience and we shouldn't push it aside simply because it's uncomfortable. It's uncomfortable for a reason, and the reason is growth.

This summer was extremely hard for me. I worked through some things that were very painful, often leaving me hopeless or in total despair. I cried more tears than I knew what to do with. I wondered if my marriage would be okay, what my future might hold, if I'll ever work through the issues from my childhood.

I often tell myself to feel the length and the width of it. Even in pain, feel every bit, all the way to the very edges. It's my belief that we have to feel all these things to move through them, but that might just be something I tell myself. All I know for sure is that eventually, after sitting in that emotional space for awhile, you do move through it to the other side. Just like a wave that crests up over you and holds you under, pressing you down until you wonder if you can get a breath -- it does go by. I can testify to that.