Thursday, September 29, 2016

hello there, friend,

when this calendar year began, i knew i needed to remove some excess from my life. i remember writing about asking the questions, 'what brings me joy?' 'what makes my heart beat quickly?' 'where do i want to invest my time and energy?' and then the opposite, 'what drains me?' 'what do i need to let go of?'

i've thought about this several times throughout this year and my answers remain largely the same. i'm at a place where i know what is sustaining for me, i know what brings me joy, what i find fulfilling. and i know what drains me, what leaves me frustrated, anxious, unsure.

having fewer items on my calendar definitely helps me to be in a place where i can notice my own reactions to events in my life, it gives me more patience with my family, allows me to look around at my surroundings with gratitude, it means times with friends and family can be a priority, that i can be present, aware of my place in the larger world. there's something to be said for saying no in order to say yes.