Friday, October 14, 2016

hello there, friend,

i like to think of myself as laid back. comfortable with messes. anyone who has been to our house for any length of time knows to expect when they come over. there will be a few dishes scattered around the house, laundry will be piled somewhere - either in a basket or in piles, the table will hold the remains of the day's mail and last night's homework, and more than likely the floors could use vacuuming.

the truth is, i've grown accustomed to the messes and i don't let them bother me... until they do. until someone is coming over (my tidier than me friends, my in-laws, a group from church) and all of the sudden i see my surroundings like others might see them, and with a much more judgmental eye.

i grew up in a family where the talking we did around the table and the listening were far more important than rushing to do the dishes. making time for the unexpected or for reading a book were more important than a list of daily chores or beds that were made.

in my house and in my life, messes are inevitable. learning to live with the mess, figuring out when it's best to tidy it up or reorganize, when to leave things alone, when to ask for help or when to read just a book instead and ignore everything are all part of the equation. and while there is never really a balance, there can be a looseness or a lightness, when we understand who we are and what we value.