Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hello there, friend,

Isn't it funny how we can be okay with messes in some parts of our lives, but not others? Why is that? Is it simply because of uncertainty? When you clean a closet or start a project, you know the end game. You can see why you have pull everything apart in order to put it back together. But when it's less obvious, more uncertain, the mess is harder.

When it comes to my messes, I often look for someone to blame, even (maybe, especially) myself. But I suppose beneath all of that blame is the idea that there shouldn't be a mess in the first place. And where did that idea come from? Maybe it's that the stakes feel high with families and marriages and jobs in the balance. It's easier to toss a misshapen piece of clay than something weighty like a relationship. It's easier to make a mess of the closet than a mess of your marriage. It's easier to say 'Oh, well' when it's not your dreams on the line.

And yet we know we should carry that lightness. We should carry the hope that it will all come together, that our diligence will add up to something, that messes are just part of it. We have to (have to!) believe that it won't be a mess forever.