Monday, October 10, 2016

hello there, friend,

it's a new week and as i said to my daughter before she fell asleep last night... 'tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it." it's a favorite line of mine from anne of green gables. i love the idea that each day is new, that each day is a chance to start over.

i grabbed my gratitude journal on the way out the door this morning, pausing long enough to write down three things. i was hoping to write more before teaching, but i ran out of time. during my lessons today, my eyes glanced over to my notebook, which was open, and before i knew it, i was filled with gratitude just knowing what was on my list. later, i read and reread this morning's list and my eyes traveled to the previous page. i realized with a pang that i hadn't written my gratitudes on paper since late spring.

there is something about the physicality of paper and pen, the intricacies of my own handwriting, each entry a reminder that so many little things are truly miracles in and of themselves that compounds the gratitude i feel. when i look back at the number of things i've written down over the years, i smile and make a mental note to write more often.