Thursday, October 20, 2016

hello there, friend,

just this afternoon i came across something i can't stop thinking about and that reflects some of the ideas we've been writing about. that is, each day most of us have two main goals or desires in mind. on one hand we have things we must accomplish, work we must do. this is the productivity/task oriented side of our lives. and then we also have the goal of nurturing ourselves in some way throughout the day. that might mean exercise, meditation, or connecting with a loved one. and for some of us, that means creating. we know this aspect of ourselves is not to be ignored, it's vital to our satisfaction with living.

it would seem these goals are irreconcilable or at opposite ends of a spectrum, but i'm starting to see how they might feed each other. that i could be more productive with necessary tasks and do them more joyfully when i've made sure to do things that nurture me. and that when some of the necessary tasks of life are done, i might have more capacity in my mind for creative work.

i'm still mulling this over. it makes sense that both desires must be paid attention to. and, like the quote you shared yesterday, it's quite likely that order, repetition and rhythm in the task oriented side of our lives might lead to wild and highly creative on the other side.