Friday, October 21, 2016

Hello there, friend,

There are days when what we're talking about feels totally overwhelming. I go about my day thinking, how does everyone do this? Maybe I'm not the only one who thinks that. We have so much to do, so much to take care of, so many distractions, so many directions to turn. I want to focus. I want only what matters.

But trying to distill life into only what matters reveals that life is not as neat and tidy as I'd like. The pendulum swings. The tides ebb and flow. My life is at once a mess and a masterpiece. If it were up to me, everything would hang in perfect balance -- things would get done, people would feel loved, we'd eat and drink and play, each moment fraught with laughter. And while that all sounds lovely, you and I both know it's not that way.

And so there's grace and hope. We do what we can to take care of our tasks and ourselves, to love unabashedly and serve others, to keep house and feed our loved ones, to rest and relax and be restored each day. The dichotomy is still there, and we're doing our best. We're all simply doing our best each day.