Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hello there, friend,

When I first became interested in photography, it was ordinary objects around my house that drew my attention. What's here that's worth photographing? What's here that's lovely and beautiful and good? I found quite a bit through that little lens, things that I was taking for granted day after day. The camera forced me to pay attention and celebrate what might otherwise go unnoticed.

Shortly after all this, I became a mother and went through the things that so many first-time mothers go through: loneliness, loss of self, overwhelm. I think back to that time and remember that feeling of darkness I carried with me. But that was the time when my camera was most useful. I would feel that darkness creep in, and I'd grab the camera -- there must be something good around here somewhere! It might have been my daughter's face or the way the light spun through the window. It might have been the mess on the countertop or the sky on a cloudy day.

There was always something -- something good, something to be celebrated, something that helped me keep marching on. And still, when I'm in a funk, I know what to do. To lift that camera to my face and look around -- there must be something good around here somewhere!