Friday, October 28, 2016

hello there, friend,

when i was a new mother, i was desperate for companionship, connection, and validation. i wanted women in my life who i could be honest with. i wanted to know that i was not alone. i was lucky enough to find a tribe of women who who were a lifeline to me. although our parenting styles were quite different, as were our beliefs and values, what brought us together was our desire to be heard. we weren't afraid to talk about what was hard, we laughed and cried with each other. we became like family to each other.

i thought for sure when my kids were older that i would have more time to cultivate relationships with women, but i've found the opposite to be true. it's harder than ever to find the time, and although i don't have the same desperation i had when i was a new mom, i continue to crave community and friendship with like minded women. i still want to know i'm not alone. i still want to be heard and understood.

in some ways our desire in writing here is to cultivate community. we explore what it means to be a woman - whether wife or mother, sister, daughter, friend. the ultimate gift, as you say, is to know you aren't alone. we all struggle to live a life with integrity. we are all finding our way and my hope is that we can help each other as we go... because we're all in this together.


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