Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Gratitude Challenge | Day 1

Especially since I had my youngest son, I dread fall. I can't even see the beauty of it, because all I can think about is that it is going to be winter at any moment. I feel myself getting sad, feeling like I will be locked inside the house for a whole season, and all of the coats and outerwear that having three children requires. This year, I am forcing myself to stop and look, appreciate what I am seeing, and stay outside as long as possible. This year, I am grateful for not only the beauty of fall, but that I can SEE the beauty of fall.
 ~words and image by Misty Prochaska.


today is the first day of our november gratitude challenge, where we are featuring an image and text from the hello there, friend community. details are on our previous post. if you'd like to play along, there's still plenty of time! you can sign up on the blog or using the link in our instagram profile. we'd love to have you! b + L