Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November Gratitude Challenge | Day 2

Have I always been grateful (enough)? I'd like to think so. But I'm not sure, especially in my younger days. So much I took for granted. Still do, perhaps.
The years tacked onto my life are a gift in this way. The gradual accumulation of days lived and subsequent wisdom gained. 

While making this photo, there was a breeze which I hadn't known from inside my house. It wasn't felt until I stepped outside, until I was trying to frame this shot. Today's breeze didn't stop for me; it kept blowing. It was I who had to wait for it. Patiently. Had to wait for it to still for just a moment. So that I could press the shutter. So that the leaves and the air and I were together in that moment.

Still. And *in it*. fully. I didn't know how to do this in my younger days, but I'm more aware now. This is my gratitude practice. To get still. To be in it as fully as I am able. Breeze or no breeze.

 ~words and image by Michelle GD.


today is the second day of our november gratitude challenge, where we are featuring an image and text from the hello there, friend community. details are on our blog. if you'd like to play along, there's still plenty of time! you can sign up on the blog or using the link in our instagram profile. we'd love to have you! b + L