Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November Gratitude Challenge | Day 16

Gratitude for the sweetest moment on my flight to San Francisco. A woman sat next to me on the plane, she must have been in her late 70’s or 80’s, petite and hardly spoke a word of English. After we ate our snacks and drank our ginger ale she looked at me and in broken English asked me where I was going. And I asked her. And then she said "My son pick me up". And then concerned look, “You?” (Who was getting me?) I tried to find out if she had checked bags and started to worry - she said, “I'll go with you.” I took that to mean she would follow me to baggage claim.

Then the flight attendant came by and asked her similar questions. I asked them if she had bags, did she need help getting to ground transportation. They assured me she had someone coming to the gate for her. But then, as we were starting our decent to land (seat backs and tray tables in an upright position!), she unbuckled and started to go! I quickly tugged her back down – “Not yet, not yet!”

Once we touched down and we were getting ready to get off the plane, I told her to sit tight and wait, they had a wheelchair coming for her. She was anxious. She grabbed my hand and said, “You give me kiss.” I nearly burst into tears. Then as I said goodbye and walked away she says loudly "Thank you, love you"! Sutures for a broken heart my friends, tiny human interactions healing my hope, faith and trust in this world.

~ image and text by Vanessa Simpson | @focus_in_photography


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