Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November Gratitude Challenge | Day 8

I can't remember her exact words, I'm sure they were beautiful and poetic (years ago from camerashymomma) which is not my forté but they were powerful enough for me to soak them in and then keep them handy in time of need. I even made myself a sign that I attached to my inspiration board as a reminder.

We get so stuck in our ruts, in our perceptions. I know I do. It's so hard to climb out of them and tear them down. It's a conscious, challenging effort to look in from the outside and question your motives, identify them then make the necessary changes to alter your perspective.

A simple one for me - I used to hate rainy days. I'd get depressed and felt like it was a lost day. Two things changed my perspective on rainy days, on a larger scale an event several years ago that made me appreciate every moment of life and on a smaller scale my tall rubber boots. I love to wear them and walk through and jump in puddles. Now I can get excited about a rainy day.

I'm grateful for people who share inspiration so freely. I'm grateful for rain and rubber boots.

~words and image by Rebecca Laflam


The November Gratitude Challenge is still going strong. Each weekday, we are celebrating the gratitudes in our lives by sharing words and an image from our community. If you'd like to join us, there's still plenty of time! You can sign up on the blog or using the link in our Instagram profile. We'd love to have you!