Friday, December 23, 2016

Hello there, friend,

Here we are, two days out from Christmas. It's time for the final push, then the magic can set in. When you're a kid, it all feels magical and what a gift that is. To believe in Santa and his reindeer, to wish and hope that your favorite new toy might be tucked under the tree, to fall asleep safe in your house feeling love and magic and mystery. How different this is for us as adults.

And yet, there is mystery left for us. How else can we explain how we rush around for nearly a month making plans and buying gifts, maybe grumbling throughout, and then find ourselves overjoyed to come together with loved ones? To me, this all feels very mysterious and very magical. And it's very, very necessary.

When you write about needing escape in reading, I get it. We need a break from real life, whether that's taking a few days to celebrate with family or curling up with a novel for the better part of a day. We need breaks and celebrations to break up the boring bits, the mundane of everyday, the same old same old. And so, I wish you a good break and lots of celebrating. I hope you get whatever your heart desires this Christmas and that you start the new year with joy and gratitude. I hope that for me too, and for all of us -- that a bit of Christmas magic would give us pause, let us reset, and go forward into a new year refreshed.



Friends, we are signing off and taking a break so we can escape reality, rest, and be with our families. We will resume posting on Wednesday, January 4. As always, we are so grateful for all of you, for your warmth and generosity, for all that you bring to hello there, friend. We wish you a happy holiday and a wonderful new year!

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