Thursday, December 8, 2016

hello there, friend,

i find myself turning inward this time of year as well. the weather has finally turned colder, the month of gratitude and almost daily posts to flickr and instagram are over and i find myself needing space from all of that. i long to quiet the voices around me and in my own head.

i realized with a start yesterday that i had the same feelings last year. after the month of november, i felt the need to pull back. i took the month of december off from social media and feel compelled to do so again. i'm trying to figure out all over again what i desire, what's essential.

i listened to the beginning of a podcast the other day i can't quite stop thinking about. almost immediately i knew i needed to listen with paper and pen. it's an episode of the onbeing podcast, an interview with a jesuit priest who talked about the way desire can be seen as god's way of speaking to us, of calling us. i so often think about desires as being selfish - coming from my own weakness - something to be resisted. i'd like to spend more time thinking about that for myself personally as we move towards a new year. what do i desire?