Tuesday, December 6, 2016

hello there, friend,

it seems that even though in my head and heart i want to slow down and savor the season, there are a myriad of obligations that makes this harder than it would seem. around here the end of the first half of the school year means the tangling up of christmas concerts, drama performances, swim meets, and mid-term exams. the weekend i thought might be restful turns out to be quite full and i realize again i have to change my expectations.

what i know to be true about myself is that i thrive when i feel connected to those around me. so, if it's a conversation with one of my kids in the car on the way somewhere, i know that will fill me up. when church obligations have me wondering how i got myself so involved - i make a connection with someone who needed to be heard and then someone does the same for me. when i'm hoping for a sunday afternoon nap, but the house is full of boisterous male energy - i boil water for tea, light candles, and grab a book i had been hoping to finish and find myself grateful for my son and his friends - the ones we've known forever.

sometimes i think we are called to do some deep diving in our hearts and minds, to change our thinking, to make the best of situations that aren't our first choice. when i stay open, i'm often rewarded - in ways i wasn't necessarily expecting.