Tuesday, December 20, 2016

hello there, friend,

it's already our second day of winter break and instead of waking in the dark, i'm waking with the sun. the last two mornings the sunrise, which i can see from our bedroom window during the winter months, makes its way over the ridge, through the trees and spills a soft orange light into the room. although i've stayed up late, i feel refreshed and head downstairs for coffee and quiet.

i must have read the same thing you did about starting the day creating instead of consuming. it came to me after hearing or seeing it at least two other places that i can think of. i smiled when i read your post yesterday, because i've found myself hunkered down with coffee writing to you these last few mornings. often, i process life as i write to you, figuring things out as i write them down.

last week after writing to you, i jumped in the shower (where i do my best thinking) and was reflecting on our recent exchanges. it occurred to me that if i had to describe in one word what our letter writing is about, it's encouragement. while we might blow off steam now and then, we tend to remind each other about what's really important. more than anything i hope our vulnerability encourages our readers. we don't have it all figured out, we make our share of mistakes and see every new day as an opportunity to practice navigating life with integrity and love.