Monday, December 5, 2016

Hello there, friend,

Last night, I sat on the couch with my kids watching Finding Dory, which we had picked up last minute from Redbox. I'm astonished at how need this was, just sitting together watching a movie and resting. The weekend was long. It was full of correcting bad attitudes (including mine), running errands, and mis-managing time.

We were all exhausted and in need of grace. When my daughter suggested, on the way home from our monthly family dinner (which my husband had to miss because of work), that we see if Finding Dory was on Netflix, I immediately rerouted us to the grocery store and there it was -- our saving grace. At home, we popped popcorn and climbed into our pajamas, then started the movie while twinkle lights glowed over the bay window.

It reminded me that, even though life is hard and we sometime feel like we're in the valley, we can always press pause and just hold each other. There's always space for this. We can decide to let go of whatever pressure we're under, whatever we're going through, and find what matters. Today that was letting go of everything else and saying yes to a movie and a cuddle. I'm so grateful for that.