Wednesday, December 14, 2016

hello there, friend,

yesterday in the middle of the day, and right after i finished my lessons with students, i opened up my email to this message. 'you're loved. and you're doing an incredible job at loving and caring for so many others, even if it doesn't feel like it right now.' i immediately sent it off to two women i knew might need to hear it and i smiled, knowing it to be true. knowing i needed to hear it, and knowing i could stand to hear it several times on any given day.

later, after a tumultuous evening where i felt disconnected and underappreciated, i sat down to write this letter to you and i remembered the email from yesterday - i knew i needed to read it again. to sit with this idea that i am loved, i am enough, even when i don't feel like it.

i woke early this morning, determined to sit alone in contemplation of this idea. coffee in hand, i made my way to the sofa, curled my legs up under myself and had my first sip. soon after, i heard a sound i thought might be an owl, i worried i wouldn't hear it again, but i did. i rushed to tell my husband and we made our way to the front porch and listened again, hearing it twice more. with a rush of gratitude we came back inside to get back to the business of getting ready for the day, feeling incredibly lucky.