Wednesday, January 25, 2017

hello there, friend,

i used to believe things were simple - they were either right or wrong, black or white. although i've always been inquisitive and curious, i felt like being right was very important. it wasn't until i was older, probably throughout my college years that i began to see more sides to issues than i ever thought possible.

one of the components of my personality is the ability to see things from a myriad of perspectives. i believe it's what allows me to have more compassion and empathy. now, instead of being a dualistic thinker, i see shades of grey all around me. in fact, i feel like it's all grey.

at times, this is challenging. it's hard for me to take a stand, to say what i believe - because it shifts and changes constantly. hearing the stories of others helps me to understand that my own, while relevant, is only one piece of the much much larger puzzle.

i remember hearing somewhere that one of the hallmarks of jewish faith is this idea of wrestling with and questioning god. that asking questions and having discussions about our doubts helps our faith to grow. i think about current events and believe the same might be true. as we wrestle with our questions and we begin to have difficult conversations, may we grow in our ability to see more than one side.