Monday, January 23, 2017

hello there, friend,

i woke saturday morning to write. after writing a list of gratitudes, i reflected on the events of the day before - of my reaction to them - of my subdued anxiety and sadness. afterwards, i started to scroll through my instagram feed and found hope rising with each image. from the images of the crowds, to handmade signs, to words of hope, to multiple generations, races, and classes coming together - the collective energy of so many people in one place - i felt tremendous optimism.

my oldest daughter texted me several times during the morning hours from our nation's capital, having made her way there with a close friend. she marveled at the sheer number of people surrounding her, before she lost cell service to the crowds, the sign she carefully crafted before she left by her side - along with so many others.

at church on sunday, we were a small group. small enough to talk honestly about the events of this last week and to reflect on the question, 'what now?' our interim pastor concluded his sermon with a list of possibilities including; serve someone, engage in financial activism, reach a cross a divide, read, reassure your children, cultivate gratitude, be visible, create and rest.

and so we begin - each of us - to think about what impact we will have in this world, in our country, in the places where we live and work, to remind our children of the responsibility we have to do more than we have in the past, that we have the opportunity to listen to those around us, to be curious, and to do good.