Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hello there, friend,

The idea of stillness makes me think about the eye of a hurricane. A vicious storm rages all around and yet in the eye, it is still. I think it's much the same way in our distracting world. It may not always be a vicious storm, but there's plenty of chaos and interruption. It's hard to find the quiet calm we need to connect with ourselves, make decisions, and simply rest.

I am learning that stillness is so deeply necessary, especially for taking action. If I don't spend time journaling, thinking, praying, or reading, my decision making goes awry. I've even taken to asking myself, when I can, what I need in this very moment -- to write? to move my body? to connect with my family? sit quietly and read? When I take a moment to tune into what my heart is telling me, I feel a greater sense of peace. It's quite a contrast to the frantic-ness I felt last year.

I know putting the phone down is hard. It's hard not to check and wonder what's going on, to want to connect and be a part of something. I feel that when I'm alone too much. I feel it when I get bored working, or I'm stuck at home with the kids all day. We know in our hearts when our technology is serving us and when it's not, but sometimes the distinction feels slight.