Tuesday, January 17, 2017

hello there, friend,

i've been thinking a lot about two concepts that i find equally compelling. one is this idea of stillness. that in order to know ourselves and to connect with our spiritual selves, we must allow for quiet, for time without distraction, time to think.

for me, this requires incredible discipline. living in the 'age of distraction', i've developed some rather bad habits. i wake and check my phone immediately, i check my email over and over again throughout the day, i follow internet rabbit holes until i realize i just wasted the time i could have spent talking, reading, walking, or any number of things. i'm embarrassed by the habits i have and the junkie i've turned into.

the second is that some of my goals for this year require action. in order to be at a different place at some point in the future i can no longer sit around and talk or daydream about it. each day i have to do some work. work that isn't easy or fun. i've been sitting around too long distracting myself in order to avoid doing the hard things.

i've made some early concrete steps in both of these directions. i'm starting to feel good about my early progress. it's easy for me to have momentum at the beginning of any project, but what i really need is persistence.