Wednesday, January 11, 2017

hello there, friend,

i've found for myself that i start thinking about the new year long before i need to. i know it's typical to start reflecting on the past year in december and i do my share of that, but until the new year actually comes, i'm not ready to make any decisions about it. i find that the space before christmas is too hectic and the time following it is often full of family and travel.

i often think i'll have enough time to be quiet and still, to listen to my intuition, but what i realized this year, is that i need time without the distractions of family to find my voice. until school starts again and there is a bit of predictability in our schedules, i have a hard time hearing it - there are too many other voices competing for my attention.

i'm just starting to ask myself the kinds of questions that will help me reflect on the previous year and think about what i desire most for the year ahead. i'm carving out time for some journaling and i'm doing my best to stay quiet so that i can hear my own answers.