Tuesday, January 31, 2017

hello there, friend,

last week we wrote a lot about our response to what's happening in our country - which i believe is making many come to the conclusion that relationships in real life matter tremendously. many of us are getting to the point where the noise from too many sources coming at us in various forms is becoming more than we can handle or absorb.

i find myself turning away from media in most of it's forms - and have spent my time and my energy with those whom i actually experience life with. i find myself wanting and needing connection more than ever.

this past week and weekend, i've been more intentional about conversation with my kids and husband, with my friend who is recovering from surgery, with my parents as they care for my aging uncle, checking in with friends from college, making plans with our church family to involve ourselves and our kids more in our community. because community matters. relationships matter.