Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hello there, friend,

This week has been incredibly hard. This morning, I write to you with two sick kiddos on the couch next to me -- one with double pink eye, the other with a sore throat. None of us have gotten a good night's sleep this week, and we're all unraveling. So, this morning I drew them each a bath and let them relax. I made myself some strong coffee and whispered a prayer for help and patience. 

One thing I learned in counseling several years ago is when you're feeling depressed, it's best to get up and change your scenery. What I've learned since then is when I'm in my own head too much or wrestling with something overwhelming, I need to get up and move my body. There's something about being physical that shifts that mental space. Today, I need that. 

Just being present for my kids, rubbing their backs and sitting with them, giving them medicine and playing another game of Uno, is enough to bring me back to where I am. It's physical enough that I can get out of my head and out of the feelings I'm experiencing. But I know I need more -- a walk alone outside or maybe some yoga. For now, I need to be here, grounded in real life with these real people beside me. The rest of it can wait.