Thursday, January 19, 2017

hello there, friend,

we have so many words to describe our inner voice - our gut, our intuition, our heart, the holy spirit - i think they are all interchangeable. when i first took the myers-briggs personality test in college, it was the first time i was confronted with the way i make decisions. i'm much more likely to decide on something because it 'feels right', than anything else. long before i had the vocabulary for it, i was more likely to rely on my intuition.

i've started writing in the morning, long before anyone else in the house wakes. sometimes the words on the page i've scrawled out are lists, sometimes they are prayers, sometimes i'm working out complex situations i've let ramble on in my mind for so long that they need definition. sometimes i just need to vent.

putting it all on paper seems to free my mind for a time, helps me get in touch with the voice that's deep inside. i've started the day paying attention and for a time, my mind is still. all of the sudden i'm present.