Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hello there, friend,

Here we are in the beginning of a new month and already I've read six books. That feels absurd except that turning away from the internet and social media has left me with my nose buried in a book more often than usual -- nothing exceptional, just enough to keep me entertained. So far, it's working.

But I agree with you that taking time to be with real human beings, slowing down and carrying light conversations (and sometimes heavy ones), is really important right now. I've always believed the biggest impact you can make is in your own sphere. But just as important is being judicious about what I let into my mind and heart. I want to keep focusing on goodness and excellence, not as a way to bury my head in the sand, but as a way to stay above the fray.

We all have to make our choices about how we engage with the culture. I believe in being intentional about it and letting go of what's distracting or noisy. Sometimes that's turning toward literature; other times it's sitting and talking with my husband or children. I'm trying to slow down and not get caught up in much of anything right now. I like the slowness. It keeps me grounded.