Tuesday, February 28, 2017

hello there, friend,

i completely agree with you. i find after taking sundays off, i long for another day without distraction. monday comes too quickly and even though i used to see mondays as a fresh start, i find myself already counting the days until the next sunday.

taking a technology sabbath has left me thinking more about lent this year. in years past, i've given things up, but i remember hearing once that another way to think about lent is to make space for something else. if one of the main goals of lent is to deepen my faith - then i know i need to make time and space for it.

over the years, we've sat down as a family to talk about the idea of giving something up and the goal of deepening our faith. we had a conversation sunday about our ideas, tossing things back and forth to see what might stick. i've been wanting to start a meditation practice for some time, so instead of giving something up, i've decided to add meditation into my daily routine. there's something in me right now that longs for this kind of stillness and focus.