Thursday, February 16, 2017

hello there, friend,

it's thursday and my mind is busy, full of lots of bits and pieces, list after list, mental and physical. i feel like a carnival attraction keeping too many plates spinning in the air, wondering when one or two will crash. i know sometimes this is just the way life is. and i remind myself that the juxtaposition of this kind of week will allow me to appreciate the weeks that are slower even more.

one of the things i've loved so much about having a technology free day is that i'm having a true sabbath. my mind is getting a break from the relentlessness of news stories, likes, and comparisons. i feel more grounded, clear-minded, and present. my mind slows down in a way i can't quite explain. the chatter stops.

i keep thinking about how important it is that we allow our minds to take a break. whether for a day, part of a day, or even 5-10 minutes. i think about the kinds of things that allow the chatter in my mind to stop for a bit or slow down. like you, using my body for exercise or creativity does this for me. and even on the busiest days, i know i can find a few minutes to walk, to sit in silence, read, or work with my hands.