Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hello there, friend,

My kids don't have school this week, so everything feels a little upside down. I always love times we can deviate from the routine, and have extra time for rest and play. We've sat around in our pajamas, spent entire days out exploring, and watched a fair share of movies. But it's Thursday and I'm grateful that Monday's on its way. It takes deviating from the routine to remember why the routine is good for us. Also, with kids here, it feels almost impossible to get anything done.

It reminds me of how good the seasons are for us, how we need winter so we can appreciate spring. We also need the seasons of our own lives -- the time to hustle and the time to wait, the time to rest and the time to dig in, the time to float along and the time to reflect and assess what's going on with us.

The last few months have been kinda dark for me. The winter weather often reflects my mood and I have to work hard not to get overwhelmed by it. The last few days of sunshine have been good for me, especially with the kids home. When I think of them, I think of sunny days spent outside. I think of looseness and laughter. Being with them doesn't always end up this way, but in my mind it always, always does.