Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hello there, friend,

This weekend was filled with sunlight and made me realized how much I have missed it. I've missed the sun on my face, its warmth and that late evening glow. Sunday afternoon, my husband built a fire in the backyard and we watched the sun set for the first time in months. It felt good to sit outside and breathe the fresh air, and to know that spring really is coming.

I took my camera out this weekend for the first time in nearly a month. All that delicious sunlight was so inspiring. I realized that I hadn't taken a photo of my children in too long, that the days are passing with no documentation. Like you, that used to be such an important part of my life, proof that I was not only living with these little people, but thriving.

It's easy to take photos when things are great, easy to share them online and say life is amazing. But when life is dark and heavy and hard, or when it's boring and you're shuffling from one thing to the next, it's not so easy. We might still look around and feel that swell of gratitude, but we may not take the photo, we may not share. And that doesn't mean we don't feel it; it means that moment was for us alone, not for everyone else.