Monday, March 6, 2017

hello there, friend,

how grateful i am for your wise words, for the idea of seasons and the way life ebbs and flows. it's all more simple and complex that we can imagine. and sometimes i forget that i might be the one making it more complicated.

the imagery of being refined is so beautiful. to think of my life's journey as one in which i'm constantly being refined helps me better understand this idea of the longer view - the wider picture. not so much a destination as a process - as always in progress.

in addition to the quiet stillness of meditation, i've picked up my gratitude journal again. as things ebb and flow, so does my need for this reminder that i have all i need. that i am already blessed beyond measure. this is what i need to pay attention to in order to believe i am living with abundance and not scarcity. i begin this week in a different place than i ended last week... encouraged and grateful.