Thursday, March 2, 2017

hello there, friend,

i have long struggled with personal development. on one hand, i've always been intrigued by it, wanting to understand myself a bit more, wanting to understand those around me and what makes them tick and on the other hand, feeling at times, that the pursuit of better is based on a core belief that i'm not good enough as i am. there is a fine line between seeking personal growth and change because it's the next right step in my journey and seeking it because i feel i'm lacking - although there is some value in that.

when you write about letting go - i wonder how to even do that? how do i let go of all the worry, fear, and questions i have? the striving for more and for better? why isn't right now good enough?

i don't have the answers, but know that when you said 'we don't have to try harder, we just need to let go.' that made perfect sense to me. i'm tired of trying, tired of working from a place of emptiness rather than fullness, tired of striving and feeling like i can't ever do enough.