Friday, March 10, 2017

hello there, friend,

i met with a friend this morning for coffee. we met early after our kids got off to school and before we each started work. to say that i'm grateful for her friendship is an understatement. we talked about our kids, our struggles, caught up on the last few week's happenings and found ourselves musing as we often do on something that we continue to learn and relearn.

no matter what is happening, it won't last forever. i remember this realization when my kids were young. at first i thought they would never sleep through the night. i worried about it, asked my friends about their children, read books on sleep, and months later was worried about something else entirely - when to eat solid food, how to get them to nap, would they ever be potty-trained, would a certain one ever stop complaining about going to school - and on and on.

i try to remember this in these years of parenting teens because what you say is true. it's hard to know if or when something might happen for the last time - the last time i read out loud at bedtime, the last time either one of the 'littles' wants a kiss before bedtime. nothing lasts forever - whether it's the things we worry about or the things we hold dear.