Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Hello there, friends,

When we think about our project here at hello there, friend, our thoughts often going to noticing, paying attention, staying present in our lives, and letting go of what may no longer serve us. There's been lots of talk around here about letting go. And while we're not ready to let go of this project yet, we've decided it's time for us to take a break for a while, to let this space rest and give us a chance to reconnect to what we truly believe is good about our work here.

It's hard to make these kinds of decisions, but it's becoming exceedingly clear to us that a break is in order. We hope to be back, when our hearts are rested and our eyes are clear. This project has deepened our friendship, given us direction, and reminded us again and again that we're not alone. Our gratitude is overwhelming -- for you, for this project, for this life we share.

We hope to be back soon. Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

b + L