about us

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Hello There, Friend began as a letter writing project between Beth and Lindsay, two friends whose mutual interest in gratitude, beauty, and living with intention brought us together.

We shared a love of photography and a mutual grappling with the question of how to connect, with our loved ones, with strangers, with ourselves.

The result was a place where we’d come to write about our daily lives – our hopes and dreams and fears, our desire to live lives of integrity and purpose where we seek to be mindful and present and, above all, grateful.

Our desire was that readers would find themselves on the pages, recognizing their own joys, struggles, and desires. Our hope was to foster community and connection, and give women a place to see and know they are not alone.

For two years, we wrote letters to each other every weekday, each one beginning with “Hello There, Friend.”

In early 2017, we took a break from the project. We both needed a chance to step back and figure out what was next. It was a leap of faith, but one that gave us a chance to think about expanding our vision of Hello There, Friend.

Part of our dream has always been to incorporate more voices and perspectives – to make the project more collaborative.

We strongly believe in community and the power of sharing our stories.

So, we gathered a team of incredible writers and storytellers, and re-launched Hello There, Friend in the fall of 2017 as a collaborative blog. Now, instead of daily letters, we publish personal essays about everyday life, paying attention, honesty, and gratitude.

Hello There, Friend is and always has been a place where women can share their lives in the hopes of unearthing something deeper. This is where we tell our stories.

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