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Lindsay Crandall | Co-founder and Writer

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Lindsay Crandall lives in a small town outside Rochester, New York with her husband and two kiddos. When she was a kid, she wanted to be cartoonist, or maybe a poet and a painter. Instead, she became a writer and a photographer obsessed with finding goodness and beauty in her ordinary life. More often than not, you’ll find her with a book or camera in her hand (and sometimes a glass of red wine). She believes in gratitude and living with her heart wide open.


Beth Lehman | Co-founder and Writer


Beth Lehman lives in a yellow farmhouse in the middle of a college town in southwest Virginia. She works part-time as a reading specialist with at-risk first graders and full-time as a wife and mama to three kiddos. She is a master procrastinator and over-thinker, who would rather read than do almost anything else, and who seeks to find gratitude in the series of chaotic and busy days that are as messy as they are beautiful.


hello there, friendAshley Brooks | Writer

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Ashley Brooks is a mediocre knitter, pretty good bread baker, reader of bedtime stories, and front-porch sitter. She works from home as a freelance writer in Minnesota with her three-year-old and one-year-old along for the ride. When she’s not getting paid to craft content, she publishes creative essays at and co-hosts the Chasing Creative podcast.


hello there, friendLaura Lynn Brown | Writer

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Laura Lynn Brown has kept a gratitude journal for ten years. After twenty years at a newspaper in Arkansas, she is writing, editing, and teaching in Pittsburgh. Laura is the author of Everything That Makes You Mom: A Bouquet of Memories (Abingdon Press, 2013). She loves kayaking, singing and talking with strangers, and she believes no day is complete without tea, a walk, laughter, and dark chocolate. 



Callie Feyen | Writer


Callie Feyen lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband and their two daughters, Hadley and Harper. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Seattle Pacific University, and her work has been featured in Good Letters, Education and Culture, Off the Page, and Art House America. She is a contributing writer for Coffee + Crumbs, and TS Poetry Press. In April 2017, three of her essays were published in The Magic of Motherhood, a collaborative book by the writers at Coffee+Crumbs and published by Zondervan. Callie’s first book, The Teacher Diaries: Romeo and Juliet will be published by TS Poetry Press in December.


hello there, friendMegan Fraser | Writer

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Megan Fraser lives in suburban Philadelphia surrounded by her family, pets, and chickens. She’s been the proud owner of a “Super Reader” cape since the second grade book reading contest and in between her volunteer work and travel she spins wool into yarn.



hello there, friendErin Burke Harris | Writer

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Erin Burke Harris is the author of Make Your Own Medallion (Lucky Spool Media, 2017) and QuiltEssential (Stash Books, 2013). Her sewing patterns have been published in a variety of books and magazines including Modern Quilts Unlimited and Modern Patchwork. Erin has been sewing since she was a young girl, crediting seventh grade Home Ec as quite possibly the best class she has ever taken. She also enjoys photography, knitting, oil painting, and cooking, and her days almost always include making by hand. Erin lives in Kentucky with her husband and two teenage daughters.


hello there, friendAshly Hilst | Writer

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Ashly Hilst is a developmental editor for writers who need support and guidance as they finish their book (finally). She loves encouraging all writers in the worthiness of their words and the value found in the process of writing. Ashly has been teaching writing and providing editing for writers for four years, and goes through withdrawals if she doesn’t get to mark-up a page on a regular basis. Ashly cut her teeth on Dickens and threw the Hunchback of Notre Dame across the room when she was 13 because she didn’t like the ending, but she also has real qualifications, like a BA in English literature and teaching certifications in multiple states. When she’s not marking up pages and reveling in stories, she loves cooking with a wine glass in hand and Vince Guaraldi in the background, or exploring Portland with her husband and daughter.


hello there, friendAbbigail Kriebs | Writer

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Abbigail Kriebs calls Inkwells & Images her online home, where she writes about and photographs her everyday life as a word-lover, book-reader, and new mom. She and her husband, Scott, and son, Arthur, live in the middle of the woods on a road that goes nowhere, but it’s not too far from Madison, Wisconsin. Abbie is one half of the Chasing Creative podcast, eats waffles in quantities that would make Leslie Knope proud, and has a serious crush on Midwestern autumns.


hello there, friendElizabeth Patten | Writer

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Elizabeth Patten is a lover of people, sunlight, cottonwoods, good words, coffee, and life. She lives with her husband Ben (who is her very best friend), their two children (Maddie, 14, and Isaac, almost-13), and their dog (Chaco the gsp). They currently reside in their twelfth home in almost sixteen years of marriage. You might find her hiking in the hills, kissing Ben (or sending him another text because he is away fighting fire or doing project work on public lands), down by the river playing with Chaco and the kids, baking cookies in her kitchen, or smiling and laughing with all the customers who come through the busy convenience store where she works. She writes to make sense of her thoughts and feelings. and she promises to be kind, to sleep when it is too hard to be kind, to love fiercely, to make coffee and treats to share, and that she will not bring home every single pretty rock and interesting fossil that she finds.


hello there, friendLucia Saperstein | Writer

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Lucia Saperstein is a story seeker, travel junkie, obsessive bibliophile, yoga mat devotee, and avid tea drinker. As a kid roaming the prairies and swamps of Southwest Louisiana, she never imagined she would one day be roaming the world. She and her family are currently living in Western Japan and savoring every minute of it, especially the weird and wonderful world of Japanese vending machines.


hello there, friendCathy Sly | Writer

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Cathy Sly believes that any magical light we can bring into our day is worthy of our gratitude. She does this best with her camera, chasing down light, zooming in and out, and pairing it all with truthful words. She lives in Western Washington with her husband of forty-plus years and one sweet beagle named Basil. When she is not writing or out taking photos, you are likely to find her covered in flour working on that perfect loaf of sourdough bread or with her hands deep in the soil of her many gardens.


hello there, friendErin Smith | Writer


Erin Smith has been plotting an imaginary and dreamily charming life in England, but in reality she lives in a quiet, tree-filled town in Massachusetts with her amazing husband (don’t worry, he’s part of the England daydreams, too). She’s a huge Harry Potter and Disney fan, and an avid reader. Basically, she reads when she brushes her teeth, over breakfast in the morning, waiting in the car, when she should be doing things like cleaning her house, and as she falls asleep. She also loves taking pictures, hiking, camping, listening to podcasts, baking, trying to make every day a bit of an adventure, eating delicious food, traveling whenever she can, watching funny TV shows, and writing. Creativity fills her and sometimes she forgets how much she loves the buzz of working on something, so she’s thrilled to be exploring more outlets.