We believe in paying attention.
We look around, notice, see what’s there.
We stay present and look deeper.

We ask questions and give honest answers.

We are gratitude seekers.
We believe that life is messy but when we practice gratitude, we meet our messes with open arms.
We believe life is made up of small moments — the mundane, the everyday — and we want to celebrate the little things we so often overlook.

We believe our thankfulness gives our lives meaning and connection. Gratitude fills the gaps, answers (some of) our questions, and gives us purpose.

We live with intention and honesty. We pay attention.
We are mindful and present, seeking the good and the beautiful in our lives, even in our messes.

We believe that the more personal a situation is, the more universal it is, and that we’re more alike than different.
Because of that, we are vulnerable and honest. We believe others are out there nodding along, saying, “Me too.”

We believe in doing less, in living simply, and knowing ourselves.

We are a community of women who encourage, support, and lift each other up. We believe in deep friendships and deeper transparency.

We live with our hearts wide open.